“One Flock, One Shepherd”
(John 10:1-18)

Introduction. In this text Jesus uses a metaphor familiar to the culture of His day (i.e. sheep & shepherds) to express some basic principles about the identity and behavior of His people. Here Jesus’ people are the flock, elsewhere they are...

So what is said about the flock applies to Christ’s body, His church & His kingdom.
     It is clear from Jesus’ words that He does not intend for their to be many different flocks under other shepherds (other than Himself) but one flock (thus one church, one kingdom, one family). Let’s look at what Jesus’ words teach us about the identity and behavior of this “one flock” and its relationship to the “one shepherd.”

I. Jesus’ Flock Hears His Voice & Follows Him.

  1. “Hear My Voice” (vs. 16) “Hear His Voice” (vs. 3) & “Follow Him” & “Know His Voice” (vs. 4).
  2. How Do We Hear Christ’s Voice?
    1. God speaks to us through Christ (Hebrews 1:1-4).
    2. Jesus Gave the Apostles the Holy Spirit to teach in His name (John 14:25,26).
    3. The Holy Spirit inspired them to write the New Testament (II Timothy 3:16-17).
    4. The teaching of Christ will be the standard of our judgment on the day of judgment (John 12:47,48).
    5. We hear Jesus’ voice through His word that is taught in the Scripture.
      1. His “flock” follows His word as it is taught in Scripture (II John 9).

    II. Jesus’ Flock Does Not Follow Or Listen to Strangers.

    1. “By no means follow a stranger” & “they do not know the voice of strangers” instead they “flee from a stranger” (vs. 5).
    2. What would it mean to follow a stranger?
      1. Human traditions (Matthew 15:8,9).
      2. Personal desires (II Timothy 4:3-5).
      3. Examples: Sprinkling for baptism; celibacy; robes -- these things are following and listening to strangers (not the Shepherd).
    3. What would it mean to flee from a stranger?
      1. We should test what we do, say or hear (I John 4:1).
      2. We should stay as far away from error and falsehood as possible .

    III. Jesus’ Flock Needs Protection From Danger.

    1. Thief comes to “destroy” (vs. 10) -- thief doesn’t come through the door (i.e. Jesus - vss. 1, 7-9).
    2. The sheep under hirelings are caught and scattered by the wolf (vs. 12) who doesn’t care for the sheep (vs. 13).
    3. The Lord’s church faces dangers from false doctrine and sin (Acts 20:28-30).
      1. Those who would tolerate sin and error are like the hireling (II Timothy 2:15-18).

    Conclusion. We have looked at what this passage tells us about Jesus’ flock, now we must ask...What does this text tell us about Jesus?

    1. He is the Way to enter the flock (vss. 7-9).
      1. We must go to God through Jesus (John 14:6).
      2. He is the Protector & Savior of the flock (vss. 11, 15, 17-18).
        1. Jesus in the Savior of the world. (John 4:39-42)