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Sermons 2010

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Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio PPT Outline
Straining Forward Jason Garcia 12/26/2010 AM    
"Members Individually" Kyle Pope 12/26/2010 PM
"The Battle is the Lord's" Kyle Pope 12/19/2010 AM
Elijah: Prophet of Fire Kyle Pope 12/19/2010 PM
We are Called to SERVE Jason Garcia 12/12/2010 AM    
Paul's Advice to the Corinthians Kyle Pope 12/12/2010 PM
The "New Man" of Matthew Five Kyle Pope 12/5/2010 AM
"Not Under Law, but Under Grace" Kyle Pope 12/5/2010 PM
Contentment Kyle Pope 11/28/2010 AM
Jesus of Nazareth: The Messiah of God Jason Garcia 11/28/2010 PM    
What Does the Bible Say About Angels? (Part One) Kyle Pope 11/21/2010 AM
What Does the Bible Say About Angels? (Part Two) Kyle Pope 11/21/2010 PM
Jesus Christ: Our High Priest Jason Garcia 11/14/2010 AM    
Songs of Encouragement Kyle Pope 11/14/2010 PM
The Most Common Sin in the Church Kyle Pope 11/7/2010 AM  
"Who Is Wise and Understanding?" Kyle Pope 11/7/2010 PM
The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus Kyle Pope 10/31/2010 AM
Peter's Guide to Spiritual Growth Jason Garcia 10/31/2010 PM    
Being Salt and Light: By Being Honest Mike Pittman 10/29/2010 PM  
Being Salt and Light: By Being Peacemakers Mike Pittman 10/28/2010 PM  
Being Salt and Light: By Overcoming Temptation Mike Pittman 10/27/2010 PM  
Being Salt and Light: By Caring and Sharing Mike Pittman 10/26/2010 PM  
Being Salt and Light: By Being Thankful Mike Pittman 10/25/2010 PM  
Why the Day of Judgment? Mike Pittman 10/24/2010 PM  
How to Live Right (Poor Audio) Mike Pittman 10/24/2010 AM    
Do Not Worry Mike Pittman 10/24/2010 Class    
The Day of the Lord Jason Garcia 10/17/2010 AM    
How Should Christians Use Their Money? Kyle Pope 10/17/2010 PM
"Be an Example" Kyle Pope 10/10/2010 AM
The Bread of Heaven Kyle Pope 10/10/2010 PM
Are You Waiting for Something to Make You Stronger? Kyle Pope 10/3/2010 AM  
Pilgrims in a Foreign Land Jason Garcia 10/3/2010 PM    
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