2020 Debate on the AD 70 Doctrine

July 20, 21, 23, and 24, 2020 Olsen Park will host a four-night debate addressing the second coming of Jesus Christ. Advocates of the doctrine known as Realized Eschatology (or the AD 70 Doctrine) argue that there is no future coming of Jesus, and biblical promises of His coming were fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem in the year AD 70. Historically, most Christians have understood biblical promises of Jesus's coming as a future event that has not yet happened. Two men will debate these issues in light of what the Scriptures teach: Holger Neubauer and Bruce Reeves.

This discussion will be conducted in an orderly, respectful, and brotherly manner. Each night the speaker in the affirmative will begin with a thirty minute presentation, followed by a thirty minute response by the speaker in the negative. Following a fifteen minute break, the speaker in the affirmative will offer a second thirty minute presentation, followed by a second thirty minute response by the speaker in the negative. No questions or public displays from the audience will be permitted. Each night of the debate will be streamed live, recorded, archived, and made available in different forms following the debate.

The debate will focus on two propositions which will each be addressed for two nights.

Resolved: The Scriptures teach that Jesus of Nazareth will come again in the future to raise both the wicked and righteous for eternal judgment.

Affirm: Bruce Reeves
Deny: Holger Neubauer

Resolved: The Scriptures teach that Jesus of Nazareth returned the second and final time in the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

Affirm: Holger Neubauer
Deny: Bruce Reeves

Both men have committed to conduct themselves honorably and have agreed to abide by these rules.

  Hedge’s Rules of honorable Controversy

Rule 1. The terms in which the question in debate is expressed, and the precise point at issue, should be so clearly defined that there could be no misunderstanding respecting them.
Rule 2. The parties should mutually consider each other as standing on a footing of equality in respect to the subject in debate. Each should regard the other as possessing equal talents, knowledge, and desire for the truth, with himself, and that it is possible, therefore, that he may be in the wrong and his adversary in the right.
Rule 3. All expressions which are unmeaning, or without effect in regard to the subject in debate, should be strictly avoided.
Rule 4. Personal reflections on an adversary should in no instance be indulged.
Rule 5. No one has a right to accuse his adversary of indirect motives.
Rule 6. The consequences of any doctrine are not to be charged on him who maintains it, unless he expressly avows them.
Rule 7. As truth, and not victory, is the professed object of controversy, whatever proofs may be advanced, on either side, should be examined with fairness and candor; and any attempt to ensnare an adversary by the arts of sophistry, or to lessen the force of his reasoning, by wit, caviling, or ridicule, is a violation of the rules of honorable controversy.
Rule 8. That in the final negative no new matter shall be introduced.

It is the aim of this congregation to do all things keeping within the authority of Scripture. Before offering to host this debate, the elders carefully considered the question of whether there is authority for the church to host debates such as this. Studying this issue together with our Evangelist, Kyle Pope, they asked him to write a study on this question. It was published in our weekly bulletin, and may be read here:

  Is There Authority for the Church to Host a Debate?


To help us plan for all those who may attend and to provide you with additional information regarding the debate, please register your name and email. Please let us know:

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